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Interviews, music reviews, editorials, columns, and opinions from the Disposable Underground Collection, dating from 1990 to 2011, are below. Browse at the ‘zine issue level or the article level. At the end is a tag cloud (which is the next best thing to a book index) and a link to a ‘zine directory.

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Issue #1, 1991
Interviews: Agnostic Front | Armored Saint | Deceased | Defiance | Fear Of God | Forbidden | L.D.Kids | Medussa | Megadeth | Overkill | Prong | Sacrifice | Testament
Sections: Music reviews

Issue #2, 1991
Interviews: Abominog, Asphyx, Cannibal Corpse, Carrion Lord, Intruder, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Rotten Records, Sepultura, Sick Of It All, Silence, and Unleashed

Issue #3, 1991
Interviews: Atheist, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Coroner, Dark Angel, Fates Warning, Gorguts, Grave, Impetigo, Pestilence, Riki Rachtman, and Suffocation
Sections: Music review and Opinions

Issue #4, 1992
Interviews: Deceased, GWAR, Inverted, Morbius, Mythic, Nuclear Death, and With Your Teeth Records
Sections: Music review and Opinion: “Smells Like Teen Stupidity”

Issue #5, 1992
Interviews: Agnostic Front, Carcass, Demigod, Doomstone, Exempt, Napalm Death, Obituary, and Unleashed
Sections: Music reviews and Opinion: “Another Woman’s Perspective”

Issue #6, 1993
Interviews: God Forsaken, Monstrosity, Resist, Sick Of It All, and Slug & Lettuce
Sections: Brutal Truth update and Music reviews

Issue #7, 1993
Interviews: Autopsy, Deceased, Entombed, Exterminance, Kreator, and Tiamat
Sections: Editorial, Music Reviews, and Opinions

Issue #8, 1993
Interviews: Anacrusis, Anal Cunt, Assück, Drowning In Solitude, Incarnis, Mercyful Fate, Spine, and Unbroken
Sections: Demigod update and Music reviews

Issue #9, 1993
Interviews: Agathocles, Biovore, Coroner, Genital Deformities, Inverted, and Wormhole
Section: Editorial, Music reviews, and Opinion: “Rift of Hate”

Issue #10, 1994
Interviews: Mutilated and Snapcase
Section: Music reviews and Opinion: “Support the Scene!!!”

Issue #11, 1994
Interviews: Capitalist Casualties, Carcass, Landfill, Revelation, and Scorn
Section: Music reviews

Issue #12, 1994
Interviews: Abscess and Suppression
Sections: Music reviews and Opinions

Issue #13, 1995
Interviews: Exit-13 and Vermin
Section: Music reviews

Issue #14, 1995
Interviews: Crawl/Child and Extreme Noise Terror
Section: Opinion: “POET”

Issue #15, 1996
Interviews: Human Remains and Letters to Cleo
Sections: Music review and Opinion: “In Defense of Some Unwise Mouth Grime”

Issue #17, 1997: 5th anniversary issue
Interviews: Generalissimo Records and Gore Beyond Necropsy
Sections: Editorial and Music reviews

Issue #18, 1997
Interviews: Pitch Shifter and Voivod and Crisis
Sections: Editorial: “A Note From the Trenches” and Music reviews

Issue #19, 1997
Interviews: Deceased, Excruciating Terror, and Napalm Death
Section: Editorial

Issue #20, 1997
Interviews: Frodus and Orchid
Section: Discordance Axis update

Issue #21, 1998
Interviews: Gnob, Pig Destroyer, and Terrible Headache

Issue #22, 1999
Interviews: Agathocles, Desperate Corruption, and FacialMess
Section: Music reviews

Issue #23, 2000
Interviews: Dead Body Love, Indecision, Lynch Mob, and Udo Dirkschneider
Section: Music reviews

Issue #24, 2000
Interview: Cattle Press
Section: Music reviews

Issue #25, 2001: 10th anniversary issue
Interviews: Mastodon, Napalm Death, Peter Tägtgren, pg.99, Pig Destroyer, and Thrones
Sections: Crossword puzzle, Editorial, and Music reviews

Issue #26, 2002
Interviews: Benümb, Crestfallen, Hot Cross, and Impaled
Sections: “Get it or Die!” review column, “Musical Darwinism” review column, and Music reviews

Issue #27, 2003
Interviews: City Of Caterpillar and Majority Rule
Section: Concert review and “Musical Darwinism” review column

Issue #28, 2003
Interview: Kittie
Section: Music reviews

Issue #29, 2004
Interview: Arch Enemy
Section: Music review

Issue #30, 2004
Interviews: Cathedral, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, and Mannequin
Section: “Musical Darwinism” review column

Issue #31, 2005
Interviews: GridLink, Haram. Hissing Choir, Lovers And Killers, Majority Rule, and Napalm Death
Sections: Pig Destroyer tour journal and Music review

Issue #33, 2005
Interviews: Clavius Productions and Detournemont Productions, Crisis, and Nekhei Naatza
Section: Music reviews

Issue #34, 2005
Interviews: The Dream Is Dead, and The Mentors
Sections: Burnt By The Sun tour journal, Opinion: “Dating in the Swedish Metal Scene”, and Music reviews

Issue #35, 2006: 15th anniversary issue
Interviews: C-Rex, Christophe Szpajdel, Coaxial, Demigod, The Gathering, and Phobia
Sections: Music reviews , “Musical Darwinism” review column, and Editorial

Issue #36, 2006
Interviews: Blue Collar War | Joe Lally | Toto

Issue #37, 2006
Interview: The Haunted

Issue #38, 2007
Interviews: Agenda Of Swine | Demockery | Jesus Of Nazareth

Issue #39, 2008
Interviews: Atheist | Discordance Axis |
Music reviews | Napalm Death article

Issue #40, 2009
Interview: Pete Ponitkoff |
Music reviews

Issue #41, 2010
Interviews: Cannibal Corpse | Ludicra | Voivod |
Music reviews

Issue #43, 2011
Interview: Magrudergrind |
Music reviews

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