Genital Deformities interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #9, 1993

Genital Deformities is a super-duper punkish band from jolly ol’ England where there are many things to gripe about in band lyrics. My pal Crowe answered a few questions for me about his band, so here goes.

D.U.: First off, in what musical category do you place your band? How do you feel about labels like “grind,” “hardcore,” etc.? Are they necessary for description, or do they just restrict bands?

Crowe: Well, this really is a good question. We’re not really into labels as such, but I guess you could call us a grind band. But we really don’t feel it’s necessary to label bands anything, and we really do think it does restrict you in some ways, such as trying to get gigs. You phone up and say “hardcore,” and in the U.K. they will put the phone down. If nobody labelled all the sections of thrash and punk and hardcore, etc., there would be a lot better turnouts at gigs. Let’s just label it all bollocks and everyone should be happy (joke).

What does your band have out currently that is still available?

Right, on the merchandise front, our first LP, Shag Nasty Oi, is sold out, but it still can be had for some postage and a C-90. There are also two demos: P.O.V., which is about one-and-a-half years old (sold 4500), and the new demo we’ve done is called Forced to Conform, which we think is better than the LP and everything else we’ve done [$3 each]. And finally [two sided] T-shirts, totally obscene print. You’ll have to buy one [for $12] to find out.

What will be coming out in the near future?

We are at the moment working on our second LP called Who Did This to My Sister? which should be out late ‘93, but we’re having problems with the record company at the moment.

Some people say that grindcore isn’t the big thing, no one’s playing it, etc. How do you respond to that?

Again we come to labels. What is grindcore? There really is no answer to this, as it’s just another label. Also, what is the big thing everything seems to be “in” at the moment? And people should start buying music (whatever the style) for its qualities, not its trendiness.

What have the Tories done or not done in relation to their campaign promises since they’ve been in office? Do you think John Major looks like Clark Kent with white hair?

Tories! Who said that! What a load of twats and liars. They really don’t know if they’re coming and going. Promising one thing and doing another. What a bunch of cunts! (Now we’ve said it.) The thing also that is really bad is they are just finding out that their cabinet is full of people who don’t know what to do. (Now that is a way to run a country. I reckon we could do better!) And on a last note, John Major is a bowl of peas! Not Superman with grey hair.

Is there a good voter turnout in England as a percentage to the general eligible voting public? Should more people in general vote, or should only those who pay attention to the issues, and thus make an informed decision, vote?

If you generally are interested in politics and know what you are on about, maybe you should vote. We don’t, and we could if we wanted to, but in the U.K. even the poor people cut their own throats by voting for conservative, because the conservatives dangle a nice, juicy carrot in front of their noses, promising everything but giving nothing. And in the next election they do it again, and the people get sucked in to a load of bullshit. Let the Queen vote. She’s supposed to be the big cheese—not!

This year they put on the “World Music Awards” from Monaco, and the winners were the ones that sold the most albums (Michael Jackson got three). Should they more aptly give the awards to the publicists and such at the record labels? Does talent have anything to do with sales, or is it just how much monetary backing and packaging the band has?

Never heard of it? But the next bit makes sense. The music business at the moment will not let new talent in unless you buy your way in. I really haven’t got anything against Michael Jackson, though, although I don’t like him. He really is a good showman and gives the fans what they want. Back to the question. If the band deserves an award, give it to them, but not through hype or false mimed music (now that really does stink). And on a final note, in the underground scene, talent usually has nothing to do with money, as most up-and-coming bands have no money, such as us, but need the breakthrough or just a small chance to show their talent. Listen to real music, no imitation!

Last words?

Last words eh! Well, thanx a lot for some good questions for a change. Instead of, “Have you got genital deformities?” And for anyone who reads this, get in touch with us. All letters answered. And stay free and aware.

Okay, write Crowe, and you get free patches and buttons with orders!


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