Coroner interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #9, 1993

Grin is the name of the new album on Mechanic in the States and Noise in Europe. After a trippy intro, the band starts into a tame opening song that picks up at the end. The rest of the album is kinda tame as well and on the whole creates a very dark atmosphere, with various strange sounds in the songs. These Swiss metal guys are messing with their sound again. Not their best album, to be sure. Marky, the drummer from Coroner, says [in our phone interview] that the band isn’t 100 percent satisfied with how the album turned out, but that the band carries out changes in the songs in the live situation that it would like to have made in the studio. The album was supposed to come with lyrics, but the record companies wouldn’t let the band have a full booklet with the album. Marky says it’s hard to work with the people at the record labels and that the band has no control. You can write to the New Requiem Management address on the album and send an IRC, and you will receive a full copy of the lyrics for Grin.

Marky says the band tries to do better every time it records but that there’s no plan to it, that it’s spontaneous. Their main goal, he says, however, is to be different each time. Of course, the group risks losing fans that way, the ones that prefer older albums, for example, but some fans, on the other hand, expect these changes from the group. After recording the new album, anyway, the band did a European tour with Annihilator, which had a bad start but got better. Next up is a tour with Depressive Age and a German tour with Poltergeist. Hopefully in early ‘94, Coroner will hit the States again! ■


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