About the Editor

I’ve been creating and writing about extreme music for three decades. In the early 1990s I co-founded the band Enemy Soil and launched Disposable Underground ‘zine. Since then I’ve appeared as a guest vocalist on numerous recordings, played in different bands, and written for various ‘zines and magazines.

I’m a big fan of space science, do some photography as a hobby, and live and work in Northern Virginia.

My musical projects include:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
I’m one of the vocalists in this drum-machine-fueled band.

Digital Negative
A two-piece electronic/industrial project I do with the artist Person 918x.

Drugs of Faith
A grind ‘n’ roll band I co-founded. It’s my main music output.

Enemy Soil
A grindcore band from the 1990s that I’m mostly known for.

A two-piece folk group.

Rot Triad
A band featuring Erik Burke and Richard Hoak.

These bands were gracious enough to have me perform on their recordings:
Bent Sea, Biovore, Buzzard Dust, Crestfallen, Early War, Karma Payment Plan, Magrudergrind, Misery Index, Neolithic, Non Serviam, Pig Destroyer, Pigeon Down, Reeking Cross, Snipers of Babel, and Wadge.

Below are some other activities in which I’ve been involved. Audio, video, and photos are at the links.

Countdown to the Moon
A “man on the street” interview about Humankind’s return to the Moon. (2020)

DCSWA Comedy Night
I did a brief open mic set for the D.C. Science Writers Association (DCSWA)’s science comedy show, which was a lot of fun. (2014)

Some of my pics I’ve taken with an iPhone and film camera over the years.

Story Collider
A spoken word event with the theme “outsiders.” I talked about the intersection of science, heavy metal, and one of my favorite bands, Voivod. (2017)

An interview from the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting 2018.

Photo: Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, December 2019