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Originally published in ‘zine issue #21, 1998

Now I am going to relate to you an interview I did with Gnob from Hampton, VA.  A great bunch of guys, they play manic hardcore punk, fast-fast-fast, with many different parts and lots of start/stop changes. The band is impressive. Gnob features members of Nobody and Experimental Farm and vice versa, and they all live together.

D.U.: So tell our readers about the scene in Hampton and surrounding areas.

Pat: It sucks. It’s awesome.

Joe: It stinks awesomly.

Paul: It sucks but at the same time there’s some cool bands around here like Jerm Flux and shit like that, but there’s not really many places to play. I dunno. It always starts to be like a scene and then nobody wants to come out to shows or some shit.

Pat: There’s no unity, man. Where the fuck’s the unity?

Joe: [laughs]

Pat: Try Norfolk [Virginia].

Paul: Yeah, Norfolk’s pretty cool or whatever.

What’s it like living in an old Victorian and having three bands as your roommates?

Joe: It smells like shit. Cat shit, dog shit, every kind of shit shit.

Paul: Yeah, it kinda smells like shit. It’s, like, not really that many people in the three bands ‘cause we’re all inbred, so it’s weird. We eat lots of cereal.

Do you consider yourselves hippies, punks, hippie punks, or what?

Pat: Or what. None-a them bastards.

Paul: I don’t think we consider ourselves at all. We’re probably just like pieces of shit.

Joe: Yeah, I prefer shit.

Paul: Just like people. I dunno, I guess maybe you could call us hippies if you want to talk down to us ‘cause we smoke lots of pot, or you could call us punks if we were talking it up the ass, but—

Joe/Pat: [laughs]

Paul: I dunno what the fuck we are.

Pat: You should say we’re gangsters.

Paul: Yeah, we’re gangsters. [laughs]

You have the Decompilation tapes, the Gnob 7”, the Gnob/Nobody split 7”, and what else?

Paul: Uh, let’s see, we got a song on [a compilation] LP, which I have got no idea if it’s in print or not. It’s on Jive Turkey, and we got a song coming out on the Weather compilation #3 that Bill/Weather Profucktions is putting out in Roanoke, we got a song on that Audio Terrorism CD on Chaotic Noise [pause] what the fuck else [pause] I think that’s it. And we’ll have a split 7” with Jerm Flux any fuckin’ year now whenever we have the money and shit to put it out.

Do you support or have interest in any marijuana legalization groups such as NORML and so on?

Joe: No sir. I enjoy buying it on the black market. That’s what’s the fun in it, goddamnit, for real.

Paul: We all support our local marijuana growers. That’s what everyone should do. That’s the first step.

Joe: You know who grows it in your town. Get their weed.

Paul: Signing a petition is cool and all that, but I don’t know if it’s really gonna change the government’s mind.

Pat: Hell no.

Joe: Why, so they can fuck with the weed and fuck it all up for us? We’ll just keep our growers doing—

Pat: They can do what the fuck they want, you know. NORML’s cool, whatever.

Paul: Yeah, I mean, we’re not talking shit about anybody. We’ll smoke that herb, though, if that’s what they’re asking. An organization is just, like, fundamentally wrong anyway, usually, especially us.

What do you think of the medicinal pot issue going on, such as the clinic in San Francisco doling out weed for medicinal purposes? I understand that some psychiatrists prescribe marijuana to some schizophrenics as well.

Pat: I mean, if it works for you, of course, take it.

Paul: I guess I use pot as medicine. I guess it’s, like, pretty much common sense.

Joe: Yeah.

Last words of grind?

Paul: I dunno. What would be a last word in grind [pause] just say, “fuck the Masons.” That’s our last words, and you can grind it into your anus.

Pat: Thanks. ■


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