Exit-13 interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #13, 1995

Exit-13 is a totally extreme weedcore band from Pennsylvania that has a number of releases out and is currently working on its third album. Here is a quick question-and-answer session with Exit-13 vocalist Bill Yurkiewicz about his grindcore band. R. Mason contributed to this interview.

D.U.: What are you trying to get out of Exit-13?

Bill: I want to create original, thought-provoking, extreme-yet-groovy music and release as many projects as possible.

Why are you vegetarian?

Because I do not wish to support the inhumane and environmentally destructive practices of meat production, and a non-meat-based diet is proven to be healthier.

According to one former member of the Dallas/Fort Worth punk/HC scene, it’s really trendy to hate Exit-13 there. Has the past incident in the punk scene with some perceived sexist comments made in print by Exit-13 hurt the band’s standing?

No. Most of the mail we received after that whole fiasco was totally supportive of us. Even Felix/Destroy and Bill/Troll who worked at Profane Existence at the time thought it was bullshit.

Supposedly one girl wrote in to P.E. and said she was offended by some comments we made, not some flood of outrage. I think the editor just didn’t like us because he perceived us as “metal,” not “punk.” I still stand by my judgement that we answered joke questions with joke answers.

What do you think of the term “politically correct,” and would you define your band as such?

A media catch phrase with only an ambiguous definition at best. I do not like the term and would not use it to describe my thoughts and beliefs. I would guess that Exit-13 falls closer to being “politically correct” than, say, the Meat Shits, but I would not define us with that term.

Would you ever sign with a major?

No, because we would have to give up some aspect of control, artistic or otherwise. I see no reason to even consider another label.

Do you think that racial integration has failed?

I wouldn’t say it failed so much as maybe saying it only worked 60 percent. I am not exposed to much racial tension, so my answer only applies to my experience.

How do you feel about the influence of religion in society?

I think most religious beliefs should be disregarded. At least all the organized religions. I would love to see people return to the religious beliefs of many of the Native American Indians, who based their lives on achieving harmony with nature.

Is humankind hopelessly fucked, is there nothing we can do about it, and so why bother?

As a realist, I do think humanity is hopelessly fucked, but I would rather be on the side who is fighting against this rather than willfully contributing to it!

And so, Bill leaves us with these words of wisdom: “A big fatty and a gin and tonic tastes better in the morning than a warm domestic beer does at night. May clean free love run rampant!”


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