Vermin interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #13, 1995

Here’s an interview with Vermin, a completely vicious, grinding death metal band from Sweden. They have three demos out, which are available on one CD called Obedience to Insanity. Now they have a new album called Plunge Into Oblivion, out soon, and both of these are on House of Kicks Records from Sweden. Here’s a talk with Mathias, the drummer.

D.U.: How do you manage to distinguish yourselves from all the other Swedish bands in the scene?

Mathias: I don’t know how we do. We just do what we like, and if some like it, it’s okay with us. Lots of people say that Vermin don’t sound “Swedish,” which is cool with us. We really hope to get a bigger following with our coming CD.

What is your opinion of the European Union’s programs to make all the countries even and to give them all the same money, etc.?

I think the idea has some good points, but it is just lots of bureaucracy and waste of money.

What’s Sweden’s position on this?

A small country like Sweden won’t have much to say against big countries like Germany or France, I’m afraid. It seems like all rich people here are pro-E.U., so I’ll say no for sure. Just say no to rise of the Fourth Reich. [laughs]

Photo of the band Vermin

What are your lyrics about?

Jimmy’s lyrics mostly deal with all the shit that goes on around us. When we started, we had the usual gore lyrics, but we thought that other band do that better than us.

Do you feel that you’re not as excited about the scene as you were when you first got into it? That is, do you think even a few years ago that the scene was stronger and not so saturated?

Yeah! Sometimes it feels little boring, especially when most people into death metal are 5-10 years younger than me. I’m satisfied as long there is some thrashing alcoholics to party with.

Future plans and last comments?

Do lots of live shows and have lots of fun. Thanks for the interview. Some really good questions. They’re not the usual stuff. Support our alcoholic problems, buy our t-shirts, longsleeves, and records, demos, whatever. Cheers! ■

Photo: Vermin (courtesy Mathias Adamsson)


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