Disposable music reviews

Originally published in ‘zine issue #13, 1995

Earth Crisis Destroy the Machines
Very metallic slow-paced hardcore. The lyrics champion the vegan straightedge cause. Not only is this band intelligent, but they kick ass as well. Two-guitar crunch and a vocalist that kills. Nice one. Ten fucking skulls!
(by Vaughn Currier) ■

Memory Garden Blessed Are the Dead
Check it out! I haven’t heard a band of this style in a while: imagine the guys from Fates Warning singing for a Euro-doom metal band. Lots of downpicking … fucking cool two songs, man!
(by Editor) ■

Photo of Memory Garden

Memory Garden Forever
This mini-CD is the same type of stuff, except the band has more of its own sound here, and it’s even more doom. You can order this for $10, and the above 7″ ($?) as well, from Perra Karlsson.
(by Editor) ■

Photo: Memory Garden (courtesy the band)


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