Abscess interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #12, 1994

Abscess is the new band that came out of Autopsy, Immortal Fate, and Hexx. They play totally sick death metal with over-the-top lyrics. Here I spoke to Chris Reifert, ex-Autopsy, starting with finding out what happened to all the above bands.

Chris: Hexx broke up. Some members were sick of playing fast metal and went rockabilly. Immortal Fate broke up. The remaining guitarist moved to Florida to go Harley-Davidson school.

Autopsy split up mutually due to musical/personal differences. Eric (ex-Autopsy) has a jazz/fusion band with Solace with Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Sadus). So now me and Danny (ex-Autopsy), Clint (ex-Hexx), and Freeway (ex-Immortal Fate/Autopsy) have Abscess!

After the last tour, we just knew Autopsy was soon to be over. Now that it is, it’s cool to look back on it. And we all have new bands, so it worked out cool.

D.U.: Are the Doomed EPs still available?

Not on vinyl anymore, but if you send me a blank tape and one dollar, I’ll tape both demos for ya. That’s just a side thing for fun to get our friend Petri singing in the studio. We’ll probably do another tape someday.

Will you play any Doomed or Autopsy live?

Nope. Just Abscess. We have plenty of material and puke to blast forth on our own. We won’t bore anybody, that’s for damn sure!

What is the latest on Peaceville Records’ final fate?

At this moment in time, I have no idea.

Promotional photo of the band Abscess

There seems to be a less complicated (riff and arrangement wise) Autopsy influence in the Abscess and Doomed material.

Yeah, sure. Abscess is open to anything raw and crushing. It’s straightforward, no-bullshit noise I would say, and we’re not afraid to use any death/metal/punk/hardcore/doom styles, as long as it’s brutal and sick. Trust me, I have athlete’s foot!

How do you rate the current death metal scene as compared to what it was like in the ‘80s—are there too many trendy bands and rip-off ‘zines?

I’ve heard some cool shit lately. It’s like before: some cool shit and some lame shit. I’m glad there’s still some sick fucken bands out there. Fuck trendy shit anyways. I don’t care ‘cause there’ll always be some out there, but It doesn’t affect us or our music, so they can all stand in line and lick my sweaty, hairy ballbag (with a sandwich baggy over all their tongues, of course).

Okay, what’s next?

First, Jell-O will seep up thru every crack in every sidewalk everywhere, Hong Kong Phooey will have a brief but ultimately futile confrontation with Kaptain Krap, and then, out of nowhere, a giant Cup O’ Noodles avalanche will saturate 13 7-Elevens in a 40-mile radius, creating momentary lethargy. What’s next, my friends, is really up to you (and Magilla Gorilla).

That’s all! Anything to add?

Buy our tapes, of course! What else? Send us cash for retarded hookers (our main fetish). Buy more of our tapes. Thanks, Richard! Send $25 for an authentic booger sculpture of Little Richard. Buy our fucken tapes and threaten your so-called friends with a lead pipe till they buy our tapes too! ■

Photo: Abscess (courtesy Relapse)


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