Mutilated interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #10, 1994

One of the first bands I ever wrote and ordered a demo was Mutilated from France. They put out two of them, Psychodeath Lunatics, which was an old-school death metal thing with blast parts, and Resurrected, which featured a newer lineup and a better, updated sound, while keeping the speed and heaviness. Both demos are total god and worth getting and have glossy covers. Write Michel/Mutilated. Here Michel talks about his band.

D.U.: How do you think your sound has changed from your first to second demo?

Michel: Well, I think it’s obvious. Our sound has grown into something “thicker,” and the addition of another guitar in the band isn’t for nothing. Also, we have a new drummer and new vocalist since our first demo was recorded, so you can say almost everything is different, except that we’ve kept going in the same musical direction than four years ago.

Is it enough to say that your newer sound is less thrash and more death metal?

Well, I think our old stuff suffered from a shitty production. You know, the sound was flat and kinda light, but we still play one song from this demo, namely “The Crown of Death,” and well, believe me, it’s a hell of a deathly tune. So I think our old stuff sounded more thrash mainly because of the sound, but we’ve always been on the “death side” of things.

Tell about your new 7”. How are the songs, etc.?

Okay, we’ve signed on Adipocere Records for the purpose of releasing one 7”. It should feature two songs, an ancient tune and our newest one, “Tormented Creation.” You’ll love the stuff. It shreds!

In America, some people think the French are rude and don’t like Americans. Have you heard this opinion and what do you say about it, if so?

Well, that’s true that over there is a American-type-person-phobia going on. It mostly comes from the negative image of the “dumb cowboy gum-chewer and Coke-drinker” which represents the typical capitalist society, conservationist, bigot, you know, that’s trying at all cost to give itself a “clean, young, white, and well behaved” look.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, I try to take things without prejudice and see for myself. It’s a fact that I dislike the hypocrite way American country makes its own propaganda, by carrying symbols, fake ones, like honesty, religion, family and work, freedom, etc. This sucks pretty much, but I mean, all people in France are not like the image the French government would like you to have of us, so I guess it’s the same with you all McDonald’s freaks. [laughs] I believe that uniformity and conformity are made to be stained and broken.

Do you think men in power in France don’t treat women equally? For example, in America, women usually don’t earn as much as men.

That goes on here as well, but the idea of equality between both sexes is pretty new on the planet, except for some millennium tribes here and there who are matriarchal societies, but this is only a small minority, so I think you can’t change minds in so few times.

But there’s also something for everyone to think about. It’s if both sex are truly equal? It seems to me that very often, women are okay to get the same advantages as men, but without the inconvients. For example, I’d be curious to see how do women manage working in the streets, building roads, towers, etc., many shit jobs men seem to enjoy doing. Same thing for the army. Here in France, you have to do your military service, but only if you’re a male. Women can do it if they really die for it, but then they will only work in offices. Who fuckin’ spoke about sex equality?

Not me. Basically, I’m not against it, but then, women got to take it all, not just what’s good. Get the point? And if they do, yes, I think they should deserve the same treatment as men.

Is there a good music scene in Bourg?

[laugh] It’s a funny question if you know that Bourg is a rather small town, but surprisingly, yes, there are a few bands around like Anaynon, who we share our rehearsal place with.

Do you have to travel far to play shows?

It all depends on what you call “far.” We played one in Lyon (around 60 kilometers from here), but it was the nearest gig we ever played.

What is the long-term goal for Mutilated? Do you want another recording contract or just to keep the band going, or what?

Musical achievement. The dayMutilated stops bring me musical satisfaction, I’ll just quit. This definitely is my long-term goal. As for a recording contract, we could have put out a fair dozen of LPs since the beginning if we wanted to. We’d definitely like to have an album out, but everything will come in time, I’m confident. And I prefer not rush things up like many bands seem to do.

Last comment that you want to say?

I want to thank you, Richard, for your long-lasting support and say good luck with the mag. Anyone into true and sincere death metal should write us. Support real death! ■


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