City Of Caterpillar interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #27, 2003

A band that has been receiving strong notices in many different places, City Of Caterpillar is a powerful live unit, burning its way through sets with wide dynamics, volume, diverse music, and intelligent sounds. In the spring of 2003, City Of toured the land of the rising sun with Hot Cross. “Japan was the best time I’ve ever had in my whole life,” said Kevin, the bassist and co-vocalist. He said the band’s next undertaking will be to write and record another record, as they have a few new songs but not a release’s worth. He explained that perhaps by late fall 2003 they will be finished with that work, and from then through the following spring will be their time to tour again. They have to take advantage of that time because City Of shares bandmembers, currently and in the past: Kevin and Brandon, co-vocalist and one of the guitarists, both used to play bass (concurrently) in pg.99, and Pat, the drummer, plays drums in Majority Rule. Kevin therefore is qualified to speak to the methods of dealing with scheduling conflicts among bands that share members. “The best way to do it is to be very nice as you possibly can about everything,” he explained. In this way, he said, the bands can more easily accommodate each other and work together so that everyone’s happy. ■


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