Landfill interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #11, 1994

Landfill is a band from Washington State that has released a killer new demo of industrial called Confined Inner Beauty. Here the singer, Steveo, talks about his band and the scene.

D.U.: You incorporate some different sounds into your style (techno, metal, etc.). Do you think the industrial scene needs an infusion like this to keep it going?

Steveo: Hell yes, the industrial scene, and actually any scene, needs to keep incorporating new ideas and even add some old ideas with new ones. Let’s face it. Too many industro bands coming out are either Godflesh copycats or Ministry sounding. It gets old quick. We choose to move away from that and make up our own sound. I’d like to see a lot of bands try new things instead of just hanging on others’ coattails.

Will there ever be a swing back to the old hardcore style of banging on lead pipes and sampling heavy machinery?

Heavy machinery, banging on pipes, etc., is heavy. Add that with your music and it will be even heavier. I can’t sit for long amounts of time listening to machinery (except where I work). I’d like to hear a few bands who could mix that into their sound, though.

Do you see yourselves as a crossover band that appeals to both the metal and industrial crowds (such as Godflesh and Pitch Shifter may), or are you aiming more for the former scene?

We have an even wider crossover appeal. My main response comes from people within the death metal and industro scenes. We get smaller amounts of mail from people into alternative, techno, goth, punk, etc. The basic aim is to just get people to hear us, and if that person is into us, great. Doesn’t really matter what scene they come from. ■


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