Voivod and Crisis

Originally published in ‘zine issue #18, 1997

Voivod came ‘round to Maryland with Crisis, each in support of their respective albums (Negatron and Deathshead Extermination), and being the good reporter that I am, I bugged them. What follows is the result.

Michel “Away” Langevin, the drummer of Voivod, tells me the tour is going great. The three-band package (the other band, regrettably enough, being Pro-Pain) and everyone is getting along fine. Attendance at gigs admittedly is bigger in Europe, especially the Eastern Bloc, as compared to the States and Canada, but the new Voivod album has managed to sell between 75 and 100,000 copies worldwide, a figure with which the famed skinsbasher from French Canada seems to be comfortable.

What’s more of interest release-wise is a planned live LP for ‘97 that will feature the new lineup’s efforts on stage in Holland, Germany, and New York, NY (CBGBs!). We all wait in breathless anticipation.

As for Crisis, the diminutive and feisty Karyn Crisis (the singer) shares Away’s assessment of the tour. She tells me that unlike Voivod’s label, however, Metal Blade Records is giving Crisis tour support only because the new Crisis album is selling some copies, but that the band is still enjoying the trip. Since Crisis has the first slot on the package every night, they only play a half-hour set, which consists of four songs off the current album and two off the first one, but they still give it their all. Quite enjoyable to say the least. ■

Photos: Voivod (top, courtesy Masoleum) and Crisis (courtesy Metal Blade)


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