Gore Beyond Necropsy interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #17, 1997

Gore Beyond Necropsy is a band that is totally out of fucking control. Tearing people’s heads off in Japan, these guys are experts at creating chaotic noisecore mixed with sludge and bizarre sounds and other terrific effects. They have several demos and 7” EPs and split EPs, and on top of that, they’re nice guys too. Here one of these maniacs, Akinob Ohtaki, answers a few questions about his band.

D.U.: Your sound has changed since the early GBN recordings. How do you think you sound different these days?

Akinob: Far better! At first, we just tried to be “another Carcass clone,” but gradually got bored to play like that shit. We needed much filthier, rawer, noisier, and shittier sound, and so now we really love our own “harsh analdrillinggrind shitcore noise” sound so much. But we must to try to be shittier and shittier than ever before to satisfy our shitty lust.

What, if anything, are your lyrics about, when there are any lyrics?

The lyrics that I wrote are about all fucked-up shits around me, stupid thoughts, brainless cockrock attitude, horrendous insanity, et cetera, by using “gore-gore” metaphors in very shitty way. In our lyrics, we wanna say, “Stop the madness and destroy all stupid thought now! Be yourself and excrete your own shit!”

Okay. Who programs the drum machine?

I did lots of our shits, and also Hironori and Kiyonob did others. Before April ‘92, we had a human drummer, but he left the band because of his wounds on his arm. We couldn’t find a good one instead of him at that time so I suggested to play with the machine, ‘cause I thought “grinding machine blast” sound would be cool.

How do you guys come up with such weird ideas?

Certainly, as I could program weird rhythm patterns much better than before, I had fun to use it, but recently I’m getting bored. It’s very convenient for us to record/make new shits, but it sounds horrendously stupid and weak when we play live with it. So I hope someone who loves our shitty musick and has a nice attitude and thought will join GBN. A friend called Chucky sometimes helps us now, though.

“I don’t wanna die under a pile of rubbish!”

Speaking of playing live, what is a GBN concert like?

It’s like “20 minutes of analdrillinggrindharshitnoisecoreholocaust in the pool of puke, piss, and shit!” It’s much rawer and filthier than that of our EPs and tapes, so just only for the sicko noise junkies. Too terrible for the normal ears, I guess. Sometimes I can’t stand our shitty noise sound! [laughs]

Is it hard for you to play a gig if there isn’t a good sound system in the club, or do you put the drum machine through an amplifier if the P.A. is no good?

Usually there is a nice sound system at the Japanese clubs, so we can play with the machine without any problems. If the system doesn’t work well, I’ll play the drums. It would be really shitty!

Are there a lot of crossover shows in Japan, for example noise/punk/hardcore/metal concerts?

Yeah! It’s very similar in Japan. We’d played with tons of grindcore/noisecore/crustcore/deathmetal/industrial/noise/punk/HC/rockabilly bands so far. It’s really fun to play with the cool bands who have a different musical style from us. But I don’t like to do with trendy fashion pigs/brainless cockrockers/macho metal assholes.

How is the noise scene in Japan?

Really great! Especially I’m heavily into Merzbow, Incapacitants, Painjerk, et cetera, ‘cause their live shows are horrendously marvelous. I think Japanese noise bands are the best in the world. The noise scene in Japan is growing bigger and bigger, I guess ‘cause many young boys/girls come to see the gigs by these noise masters, and lots of new young noise projects are born. As for the new ones, there are only few bands who have their own thought, attitude, and musical style. I think if they could excrete their own shits, it will be much better.

Is Japan ready for another earthquake?

I don’t know. As for me, I live in very dangerous area where is warned that a horrendously disastrous one might occur, so sometimes I’m very anxious about it. I don’t wanna die under a pile of rubbish!

What ever happened to that guy who was poisoning the subways with gas in Japan?

Well, that fascist pig wanted to be a ruler of Japan by his insane cult, and he did that horrendous act to realize his fantasy. He’s totally out of sense. He used to preach his own dogma based on Buddhism, but his true doctrine is “sex, drug, money, and murder.” I hope he will die in extreme pain so soon. An open execution would be great!

Last words?

Thanks a lot for this cool interviews, Richard. One day, GBN and your Enemy Soil could play together. It’ll be great! Good luck and take care. Stay in harshit noise chaos! Adios! ■


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