Human Remains interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #15, 1996

Human Remains from New Jersey is one of the most completely sick, innovative, and over-the-top bands I have ever heard. While the future of the band remains uncertain, I’m printing this interview anyway. At least we can savor the ‘91 demo, the Admirations Most Deep and Foul 7” on the Dutch Cenotaph Records, and the various compilation tracks for a long time to come. Below, Dave, the drummer, answered a few questions.

D.U.: Part of your trademark sound is the bizarre guitar riffings. I’ve seen you play live, and I still can’t tell how the guitarists pull them off. Where do you guys get this shit?

Dave: Steve is responsible for most of our music. His emotions play a big part in his writing. You have to feel it for it to work. It’s not just riffs. A riff is a riff and nothing else. Drugs and alcohol aren’t what fuels him. He just looks inside himself.

I’ve never heard the bass that high in the mix on your recordings. Do you treat it as simply there to “lay down the rhythm”?

Ah, bass! While we’re on the topic, we have a new bass player, Will Carl Black. Before, the bass was just a rhythm section. Not now, though. The bass is now another weapon for originality.

How is it going with filling in for Exit-13?

I’m very excited to do it. I think it’s a lot of fun, and some crazy music is being played.

You were going to do an LP on Cenotaph, so briefly tell why that didn’t happen.

Basically, they sent us a shitty contract that only a moron would sign, and when we sent it back with all the changes, we never heard from him again. It’s a shame. Adwin was a nice guy. Oh well!

Photo of the band Human Remains

In a nutshell, how and why did you all get together?

We first started out wanting to be total death metal, and over the years we’ve expanded our music into other categories.

Where do you want to go with the band?

Hopefully we will create a new category. We will always be metal in some way, but not your typical way. We want to re-create and inspire music. We will not stand in the category line and rot away. It’s time to take the next step and move on to the next plane of music.

Last comments?

Our debut CD, Using Sickness as a Hero, will be out sometime on Relapse Records. Also, we have shirts and hats. Write for info and send return postage. Thanks for the interview. Later. ■

Photo: Human Remains (courtesy Dave Witte)


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