Disposable music reviews

Originally published in ‘zine issue #11, 1994

Beats the Hell Out of Me Beats the Hell Out of Me
(Metal Blade Records)
Sounds kinda like a half-assed Rollins Band with an occasional Helmet groove part. I’m sure they’re a good live band, and this record shows a lot of potential. It’s certainly worth picking up if you like groovy, riff-oriented metal.
(by R. Mason) ■

Catacomb The Return of the Ark
(Sacra Sindone Records)

Photo of Catacomb performing

Slow, brooding Italian death metal with hints of At the Gates apparent at times. This is good, but it kind of depressed the living fuck out of me. It’s well-produced, the packaging’s nice, and if you like atmospheric doom you’ll love this. $6 to Orlando Carmelo.
(by R. Mason) ■

Detestor Dark Reality
Very proficient techno-thrash from Italy, with superb production and packaging. This occasionally reminds me of Sadist and perhaps Watchtower at times as well. The songs are very catchy, the riffs kill, and the vocals are sick. Plus, the tape is purple plastic! Buy!
(by R. Mason) ■

Mortality Elephant Man
If King Crimson, Primus, and Watchtower gang raped a crippled nine year old, Mortality would be the mutant offspring. This is LP is nothing short of completely incredible. Beautiful melodies fused with droning rhythms and erratic riffing makes it a must listen for anyone into good music. $18 for CD to Jens Polloch.
(by R. Mason) ■

Snapcase Looking Glass Self
Fat, punchy, slow hardcore, Buffalo style. The tasteful use of harmonics reminds me of Human Remains (NJ) sorta. Snapcase’s got swell lyrics too. Fave cuts are “Deceived” and “Fields of Illusion.” Definitely up there on my playlist. Check it out!
(by Vaughn Currier) ■

Tranquil Passing Depression: A Failed Attempt at Life
Interesting death metal with two vocalists, some original ideas here and there, and even the more typical material still sounds fairly good. Very impressive and worth checking out if you’re sick of Obituary clones. $5 to Rob.
(by R. Mason) ■

Unbroken update
Here is a hardcore band that isn’t afraid of change, of doing its own thing, or of embracing its death metal influences. Unbroken (interviewed in issue #8) has gone from being dismissed as a metal band by the closeminded elements of the HC scene to getting nothing but support from its label, New Age Records, and its fan base, as evidenced by its successful U.S. tours (and on to Europe this year). It’s even gotten offers from subsidiary labels. The second album, Life. Love. Regret., shows more musical and lyrical strength from Unbroken. To order the LPs or 7″es, get in touch with the bass player, Rob.
(by Editor) ■

Bolt Thrower, Benediction, and Deceased
Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
by Editor

Benediction was supposed to be a support band for Bolty on the U.S. tour, but during the week previous to this gig, Bolt Thrower decided to break up and head back to England with all of their equipment in tow. So there was Benediction, left holding the bag and little else besides their guitars. What do you think they did, give up and go home? No! They continued on with the tour!

Photo of Benediction performing

So the death metal merchants Deceased, led by King “Fuck Pete Sandoval, I’m the fastest drummer in the world” Fowley, bashed their way through a mistake-ridden but purely enjoyable set of mostly new songs from their forthcoming LP on Relapse. Benediction came on next before a less-than-capacity crowd, but they didn’t seem like they gave a fuck and put on a killer show anyway. Benediction played songs off the EP they were supporting, The Grotesque/Ashen Epitaph, which contains two awesome new tracks and three live songs off the last three LPs. My only complaint [about the EP] is the cheap-ass tape packaging, but you can’t have everything. Printed lyrics would be nice.

Photo of Benediction performing

True metal lives on! ■

Photos: Benediction playing that night


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