Capitalist Casualties interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #11, 1994

Here’s a chat with Jeff from the American punk band Capitalist Casualties. Get in touch today.

D.U.: Describe your band in a nutshell for those who haven’t had the pleasure.

Jeff: C.C. is your basic hardcore punk band from your average suburban town in California. We play real fast and scream a lot. We hold no commercial value whatsoever. No melody, harmony, etc. Just power … I guess?

What is your definition, loosely put, of selling out?

Selling out, to me, means changing your style and ideas to basically rake in cash. Nothing more. If you’re playing top 40 and hit it big, I guess that’s not selling out. If you’re playing 10-second noise blasts and yelling about the state, then turn around and play third-rate, slow death metal and are on MTV, that’s selling out.

Do you even care?

No, I really don’t care, actually!

Do you see certain aspects of the scene trying to conform, to be “punk as fuck,” or is everyone being what they are for the most part?

My problem with the scene lies in its segregation, at least here in northern California. Instead of letting all the different styles play side by side, it’s segregated into “pop punk” shows or SxE shows or thrash shows. It’s really lame. How are people gonna be exposed to new music this way? It’s just stupid, high school popularity contest bullshit cliques.

How do you feel about drawing comparisons between bands in music reviews?

Well, like you said in your letter, it’s got to be done sometimes. We do it in both of our ‘zines.

Is it preferable to being pigeonholed, as in, “this is hardcore,” “this is metal,” etc.?

I’d say that, yes, it’s preferable to pigeonholing bands, because just calling a band “hardcore” or “metal” doesn’t offer much of a description. But I feel some “critics’” knowledge of the music they are reviewing is limited, so their comparisons are very limited.

Tell about Six Weeks.

Six Weeks is a ‘zine/label done by me and my girlfriend, Athena. We’ve done three EPs (C.C./Dread split, Straight Outta Concord comp., and Jack With Killer EP, a Japanese hardcore band), and also two issues of our ‘zine. #3 is due out in September/August. It keeps us outta trouble.

Last words/what do you have for sale?

Thankx for letting me spout off! C.C. has no merchandise except for records. Write Six Weeks for a complete list of stuff. Stay punk. ■


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