Excruciating Terror interview

Cover of “Expression of Pain” by Excruciating Terror

Originally published in ‘zine issue #19, 1997

I’m not one to ever buy a record that I know nothing about anymore, because 95 percent of everything on album sucks. But I was at Tower one day and I saw an Excruciating Terror record called Expression of Pain. I had heard the name in ‘zines before and it looked good, so for once I took a chance. I was not disappointed. Excruciating Terror is a wonderful grindcore band from Los Angeles, California, a band that is now one of my favorites in that scene. Here the bass player extraordinaire, Raul, puts up with my questions.

D.U.: So how did you come to play in the band?

Raul: It was simple. They could not find anyone else to do it. Well, anyone that they were comfortable with or that could hang. They had a couple of temporary bass players, but one can’t rely on temps. They asked me because I knew the music and songs, due to the fact I’ve been jamming with them since the beginning. I started in E.T. as a guitar player. Later I left the band to focus on finding work. Now that I sort of have my shit together, I can dedicate a little to the band again. I would really rather be playing guitar, though.

Why do you guys like to play with the lights off?

Basically, because we are a bunch of shy guys. Also, because darkness tends to bring out the worst in people.

Photo of Excruciating Terror performing

I know next to nothing about the band. What’s out or due to be out besides the Expression of Pain LP?

I really don’t know what’s going on with Excruciating Terror at this point. We just recently recorded some songs at Frank of Stapled Shut’s home studio for a couple of 7”es. I really don’t know whom will release them or when they will be available. Jerry Flores (guitar) has mentioned that we will be recording sometime this August for another album on Pessimiser/Theologian Records. I can’t wait!

What’s the scene like in the L.A. area in terms of how a grindcore band such as yourselves is received?

We had a pretty strong following back in 1993. It was a time when grind/death was really big. But now, everyone has their own clique. Everybody thinks they belong to a gang or something. It really sucks. These days it’s just our friends who go to our shows. Oh yeah! And a few die hards from the old days. Gotta love ‘em!

“I am an American citizen! Whatever that means.”

What, generally speaking, are your lyrics about?

Who knows? Victor won’t share them with anyone. The way I determine what a song is about is by defining the titles he gives them. That’s basically it.

What specifically are the ethnic backgrounds of the bandmembers, and what influence if any does that have on your compositions?

I am an American citizen! Whatever that means …

Anything to add?

Thanks for the opportunity. Sorry I couldn’t be more informative. If you would like to know more, write Jerry Flores. You’ll find his address on the CD. Metal! ■

Photo: Excruciating Terror playing Fiesta Grande in 1997 (D.U.)


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