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Originally published in ‘zine issue #6, 1993

Slug & Lettuce ‘zine has been around for some time and mostly covers hardcore/punk. Its layout is like a newspaper and each issue has recycling tips, an editorial, live photos, music and ‘zine reviews, and classifieds. Check it out! It’s free with a $0.29 stamp or SASE, and $1 or two IRCs for overseas. Here is my chat with the editor, Christine Boarts, who greatly appreciates donations.

D.U.: What made you start S&L in the first place?

Christine: I got started with S&L in 1986. I was living in State College, PA, at the time. We had a decent scene going. A lot of good shows were happening, and there were no other ‘zines around there, but I was in contact with other people who did ‘zines (inspiration), so I decided to start my own.

How did you come up with that name?

Well, about the time I decided to start out, I went on a trip to England. As we drove into Stratford I saw this pub called Slug & Lettuce, and it just sort of clicked. It seemed like such a crazy name for a place to eat and drink, etc., and that was it.

How long do you see yourself continuing the ‘zine?

Right now I can’t imagine not doing S&L. In the past four years, each time I’ve moved to a new place, I didn’t think that I would be able to continue it, but now, after living in NYC, things have really started to work out. I’ve got it very focused, and it’s what I want it to be. I haven’t been able to give it up yet, so hopefully I’ll be able to continue it for a while to come.

Do you voice your opinions in the editorial column more to make people think or more to get things off your chest?

As far as my “column” goes, well, for a long time, people were telling me to put more of me into it. I’m not really sure how I put it into action. It’s only been in the last few issues, and [I] think about a lot of shit constantly, so it just seemed sort of natural. I just started writing some things that I’ve been thinking about—for both reasons, yeah, to get it out of me, and to make people think. I mean, if I just wanted to get it off my chest, I could leave it in my daily journal and feel okay. I guess I’m kinda interested in hearing what other people think about these things, so it’s sort of, well, something to think about and maybe make a (written) conversation out of.

I never really thought about a motive behind it. I just started it, and, well, people seem to be into it and seem to relate, so that’s cool. I’m happy to share my ideas, and if they mean anything to anyone, great. If not, oh well.

To your knowledge, what was the most bizarre classified you ever received for enclosure in your ‘zine? One that made you think, “This person needs professional help”?

Well, I get a lot of weird shit. I don’t know about the most bizarre, but the worst classifieds I’ve gotten were after Flipside did an interview and ran a photo (which was my mistake of not thinking), and I got all this fucked up mail from horny guys, mostly in prison—all the way to a dick tracing. Now that totally freaked me out, but it also really pissed me off, ‘cause, well, people just don’t get it, ya know.

How do you think the SEHC scene has evolved/disintegrated over the years?

SE? Shit, I really don’t even give it any thought. I mean, it’s something I’m not involved in and I really don’t care about. I used to really like a lot of the first bands of that scene: Minor Threat, Uniform Choice. But I don’t know. I’m not SE myself, and when the whole thing turned into yet another clique, I really lost interest in it, to the point that it was a turn off to me. I guess because I don’t consider myself part of that clique, well, it really got hammered into the ground and became totally boring.

It’s kinda too bad. It’s not like it was a bad thing. I think it was actually a totally cool movement (rather positive), and I totally respect people [who] choose to be straight edge, but as far as the label relating to a clique within hardcore, to me it’s something that died a while ago.

I know people still consider themselves and call themselves [SE], but how much of that now is jumping onto or hanging onto a label or group, and how much of it is about the no drinking, no smoking, maybe no sex ideas? I think it moved way beyond that, so there is all this stigma that goes along with the label.

Who did you want for president and why? Are you apathetic about government?

The entire election process is a joke. It’s just a competition for the better of two evils. No, I’m not apathetic to government. I think the whole thing is totally fucked up, and there wasn’t anyone running that I knew about that was worth voting for. If people in the punk underground all got together and voted for some individual as a write-in, just think of the potential. No, I’m sure that they wouldn’t get elected, but with all these fanzines and shit, if people really followed it, started some little “campaign,” and everyone voted for that person, it would be enough to be noticed. It’s an interesting thought. ■

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