Disposable music reviews

Originally published in ‘zine issue #6, 1993

by R. Mason

Atrocity Longing for Death
(Roadrunner Records)
This is the second release from this German deathrash band, and it shows a remarkable improvement over the debut. Elements of doom, grind, and death are used to achieve a very dark, atmospheric tone. I’m very impressed. ■

Beherit The Oath of Black Blood
(JLA Records)
This is totally obnoxious, horribly played, badly produced Satanic death/grind, and I like it. This is not for you death metal purists; this is total grind and fucking great. Who says you need talent to play death metal? ■

Brujeria ¡Machetazos!
(Alternative Tentacles)
Este un disco mucho bueno de Brujeria. Muerte, muerte, y muerte. Yo quiero más de Brujeria; “Molestando Niños Muertos” en más bueno! Argh! ■

Landfill Face the Insanity
Okay industrial-ish metal with obvious Prong, Voivod, and Godflesh influences. While this is good, it’s neither abrasive nor textured enough to be considered industrial (if that was the intention). A commendable effort. $5 to Stevo. ■

Silence ’92 Demo
These guys are among the dying breed of great thrash bands. This shows a visible improvement in songwriting and production over Vision. Silence manages to take cliché thrash themes and make them sound brand new. This kills. ■


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