Lovers And Killers interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #31, 2005

“We could run through a list of what bands we do listen to or draw from but that would take forever,” says Chuck, the drummer for Lovers And Killers. “Just speaking for myself, I don’t know that there is any particular drummer I draw inspiration from.”

Lovers And Killers has a mix of a few different musical approaches, from lofty melody to scorching hardcore.

Thejus is the bass player for the band. “As far as I can tell, the kids really seem to enjoy the melodic interludes. They sing along to the vocals, they sway to the music. I think we’ve got a good blend of it in our songs, but I would be amenable to being more melodic in some songs and harder and faster in others as long as the net melody-to-rock ratio is maintained.”

The band has recorded two demos to date and are planning a third, and the members can see a change in their music from the first to the second, and after.

“We’re more cohesive as a unit and more precise as individual musicians,” says Mike. “The songwriting has definitely improved, and each new song becomes our new favorite. Three minutes of palm-muted riffing gets boring to play and listen to, so we want to work as much texture, detail, and change into each song as we can.”

Chuck describes, “I think that a lot of our musical growth comes out of our personal interactions with each other. We really are just like a family, and when there is communication things just go better.”

Some of the band’s lyrics have at least on one level to do with relationships.

“Well, I think that relationships play an essential role in everyone’s lives,” offers Thejus. “They define who we are in relation to other people, be it lover, friend, or sibling. As such, troubles within those relationships force us to redefine ourselves and the process of redefinition clarifies who we are and what we do. I feel that we, as individuals and as a band, are in a constant state of redefinition.”

Mike explains, “The easiest way to express those kinds of losses are with the romantic relationship metaphors, so we just ran with it.”

Chuck says, “You tend to write about what’s on your mind and that just happened to be it … Just like the expression says ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ we’re just working with a different medium.”

The guys in Lovers And Killers are trying to have their own approach, and have a mission statement at their website on trends and fashion in hardcore and punk.

“Passion is always more entertaining than funny dance steps and nice hair,” offers guitarist Mike.

“I like to stay as animated as possible on stage,” says Nick, the vocalist. “If my body language isn’t congruent with what I’m screaming about, it’s uncomfortable at its best and hazardous at its worst.”

“I just try not to make any dumb faces while playing and avoid hitting myself with my sticks,” confesses Chuck. “Unfortunately, both of these happen more than I’d care to admit.”

Lovers And Killers plan to release an album and go on tour, so check up on them at ■


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