Unbroken interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #8, 1993

Vaughn Currier conducted the following interview with Rob from Unbroken. Rob sent some songs that will appear on future releases and they were an odd mix of hardcore meets death metal, with guitars downtuned and everything. It was actually really original, good stuff. Read on.

D.U.: What’s the scene like in Chula Vista?

Rob: It’s totally cool here. There’s a lot of SE kids. There’s great bands, and everyone is friendly.

How has the general response been to the 7”?

A lot of people like it, but of course they won’t say they don’t like it to your face. So who really knows!

What, if any, were your members’ previous bands?

I’m in a grindcore band called Talisman. Steve is in a band called Julia. They’re really good. They get a good response to their set. They sound like Morrissey meets Downcast. Dave plays guitar for a band called Ikantry (“I can try”). Dave also plays guitar in a band called Groundswell. I play bass, my brother Ari sings, and this kid, Terrence, plays drums. Eric plays guitar for Struggle.

Do you think straight edge is on the rebound?

Down here it didn’t get hurt that bad, so I really couldn’t say yes or no. But it seems like all the new bands are really sincere.

What are your views on Krishna consciousness’ impact on the hardcore scene? Do you think it has a positive effect?

Not speaking for the band, I don’t like it. I don’t like any religions. I don’t think it’s positive, but at least they’re not drug users or anything. At the same time they’re telling you not to let society’s values dictate and control you, they tell you how to live your life without judge or question. All religion is like that.

Religious people say I’m going to hell and I’m ignorant. I just tell them I don’t believe in hell so I’m not going there, and the only reason you say I’m ignorant is because I question their beliefs. Fuck religion.

Should gays be allowed to serve in the military?

Yes, for the simple fact is that who or what they fuck is no concern of mine, and their sex life has no say in their performance on the job. If they work good, that’s cool. Closets are for cloths.

Any final comments?

Get the Mean Season 7”. It rules. Look out for us on tour. Take care and peace. Deny religion! ■


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