Abominog interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #2, 1991

Abominog is, in its own words, the true meaning of death metal, and that is very true. The band’s music is original, catchy, heavy, and gory. In a live situation the group’s performance is high-energy and intense.

After Abominog recorded its first demo, Resting In Your Grave, it changed drummers and released the Grotesque Humanity 7” on With Your Teeth Records. Subsequently Abominog lost its drummer and has not yet found a permanent replacement. With King Fowley producing, the band completed Dark Museum, a full-length album, on the same label. Nick Teta Jr. [and I] got a hold of Chris Yuastella, vocals, and Keith Lyons, guitar, for this interview.

D.U.: What do you think of the Washington, D.C. area death metal scene?

Chris: It’s great, man. I love it. It’s getting bigger every day. Getting more bands around here. It’s cool.

Keith: We need more places to play, but otherwise …

When’s the new album gonna be out and what are some of the songs that’ll be on it?

Chris: Hopefully it’ll be out here at least in [October], after we get the artwork. King played drums on it and stuff. And it’s got nine songs, recorded on a 20-track. It sounds real good. Five songs off the demo, and “Grotesque Humanity” off the 7”, and three new ones.

Are you guys planning on doing a small tour or anything?

Keith: We’d love to. [laughs]

Chris: Not saying if we’re gonna do it or not, but I’d like to, man. It’d be cool, definitely, to do it. We wanna try and set up a little tour somewhere around here, the East Coast or something.

How’d you like the 7” when it came out?

Chris: Uh, it’s alright for the circumstances. When [King] came in there, we didn’t practice for, like, two weeks. He came in there with a 4-track and said, “We’re recording today.”

Keith: It was like the 30th takes or the 40th takes. I was sick.

Chris: Yeah, I know. It was horrible, man. It sold out [though].

I wanted to ask you about the legalization of pot.

Chris: Oh, man, you gotta do it.

Keith: It’ll happen within the next 10 years.

Chris: It has to happen. Gotta make it legal.

Do you have any last comments?

Chris: Yeah, man [pause] thanks for the interview. [laughs] Say something, Keith.

Keith: Nah, I dunno. ■


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