Terrible Headache interview

Artwok representing Terrible Headache

Originally published in ‘zine issue #21, 1998

Yusuke Adachi is the bass player from Terrible Headache, an awesome, at least two-year-old hardcore punk band from Japan with a new demo out. Here is an interview with Yusuke.

D.U.: You are now a member of or have been a member of Terrible Headache, LMA, Vivisection, and Beyond Description.

Yusuke: In addition to them I was a member of Disprove and Gentle. But now I’m playing the bass only in Terrible Headache. Vivisection no longer exists. Beyond Description did a tour over Germany last year and released a CD. Soon after that tour, I left Beyond Description for some reasons. At the same time, I left LMA/Disprove/Gentle, ‘cause all bands consist of other Beyond Description members. Also, these bands were so-called “project” bands and just for fun. I still have been good friends with other members, but now I want to concentrate on playing in Terrible Headache.

How is it that you were in so many bands?

There are so many people I want to play with. But the main reason is to play as many gigs as possible. It is not so easy to do many gigs in Tokyo, ‘cause when we play, we have to rent a space and gather some bands for a gig. Also, other Terrible Headache members are really busy with jobs, so to do a tour is a bit hard. Now I start to organize gigs in Tokyo.

Are you a punk kid or a hardcore kid?

Maybe not a punk kid. [laughs] I learned a lot of things from hardcore. And still learning. I met a lot of people who had inspired me with their attitude. Maybe I’m a hardcore kid.

How is the Japanese economy?

Japan has been in great depression for a couple of years. Many people were laid off. Some famous big companies went bankrupt. But Japanese government did nothing for them.

Do you think American HC/punk bands are more popular in Japan than Japanese HC/punk bands?

Today many hardcore bands come to Japan like Aus Rotten, Hellnation, Spazz, Dropdead. So-called “powerviolence” bands are getting popular. We can buy millions of hardcore records from your country at our local record shops. But we still have a lot of great bands in Japan. Anyway, hardcore itself is getting popular.

Last comments?

Thanks for the interview. Our demo is for free. So if you interested, feel free to write me. We will release our debut EP in ‘98. Thanks to Disposable Underground for your support! ■


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