Morbius interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #4, 1992

Morbius is an intense death metal band from my area that is playing up a storm. All four guys in the band participated in this interview, where they get to explain a little about their killer band.

D.U.: Has anyone ever commented to you that Morbius’s sound has a Swedish feel to it, Entombed covers notwithstanding?

Morbius: Yes, a lot of people have commented to us about that.

Is Realm your first demo?

Yes, Realm is our first released demo. We recorded an earlier version at our old practice space but we never released it.

How do you like it?

We like the demo. The production is a little raw, but it captures the essence of the music.

What are the plans for a new recording?

In the last week of February, we recorded a nine-song LP on King’s With Your Teeth Tapes and Records. We did it at Inner Ear Studios.

Did With Your Teeth have anything to do with Realm?

Yes, King hooked us up with Doug Martin’s studio, and he helped us with mixdown and also did backing vocals.

Who writes the music and lyrics and who arranges?

We all put input into each other’s songs and we help arrange each other’s music. We want every song to express us as a band, not individually. Matt and Jason write the lyrics.

Did they read a book or see a movie and become inspired for a lyrical concept?

“Sethanian Darkness” was inspired by A Darkness at Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist. The rest of our songs are translated feelings and emotions we get when we’re on drugs. When we are on drugs together, we often get morbid visions of scenes or music, basically inspirations.

Are there enough clubs that let locals play in the D.C. area?

No. Support the scene.

What made you decide to start a band in the first place?

We needed a way to release our negative energies and the best way was through death metal. We are into our music to support the death metal underground.

How many years are you prepared to work at it before you get a bigger recording contract? Do you even want a recording contract?

We are prepared to work as long as possible to get a contract. Actually, we really don’t care if we ever get a contract as long as our band can support us and we don’t have to go to work.

Does the band wear earplugs on stage or at shows in general?

We never wear earplugs anywhere. We love deaf metal too much.

And with that, the interview is at a close. Ask about Morbius at With Your Teeth Records and Tapes.


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