Inverted interview – 1992

Originally published in ‘zine issue #4, 1992

Inverted is a great death metal band from Alingsås, Sweden. It has a new demo called Tales of Estaban and some 7”es in the works. Here is an interview with my friend Kristian Hasselhuhn.

D.U.: Are there so many bands coming out of Sweden that the scene is over-packed?

Kristian: Well, there is fucking lots of bands coming out in Sweden at the moment. But I don’t think that the scene is over-packed. I mean, all the small bands help each other, you know, buying each other’s tapes and so on. You know, about 70 percent of the death metal fans in Sweden are playing in a band or doing a ‘zine.

What specifically are the songs about on the Tales of Estaban demo?

Well, the songs “Estaban” and “Abregation” are about how the Christians have used people to get power and about all people that have died or been tortured because they did not believe in any god. It’s anti-religion songs. “Forsaken Soul” is about a man who thinks that he will come to paradise but realizes when he dies that there is no paradise. His soul is taken by Satan.

“I don’t know a fucking shit about it.”

How long was Inverted together before you decided to record the demo?

The band was started in early February ‘91 and the demo was recorded in June ‘91, so about four months.

How hard was it to form the lineup?

Well, we all knew each other before, so there were no problems to find the lineup.

Did you have any lineup changes?

No! No lineup change yet.

Photo of Inverted

How did you like the way the demo turned out?

We are really satisfied with it except for some small mixing mistakes.

How does the state of the Swedish economy affect the band?

Nothing special.

Where would you guys be today without big Swedish bands like Entombed? Did their success open any doors for you?

I think that because of Entombed’s success, there are a big interest in Swedish death metal. And if not Entombed had success, then there hadn’t exist so many bands in Sweden.

What’s the story on the 7” and the split 7”? Who’s going to put them out?

Well, at the moment there are some big problems with the split 7” and the 7”, because the label, Miscarriage Records in Italy, who promised to put this shit out, doesn’t answer my letters any longer. So I don’t know a fucking shit about it.

Who is supposed to be on the other side of the split?

The split will be with Cabal if it comes out.

How do the new songs differ from the ones on the demo?

They are much heavier and with more original riffs. But it’s still death metal. It’s still the same Inverted style!

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Do you have anything more to say?

Yes, mega-thanks to you, Richard, for the great interview. Your mag really rules. We got some t-shirts with demo cover on and back print. They cost $18 U.S. Everybody feel free to write! Support Disposable Underground! Bye! ■

Photo: Inverted (courtesy Kristian Hasselhuhn)


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