Biovore interview

Biovore! The name strikes fear in the hearts of men! No, actually, Biovore describes itself as “weird noise grind from the future.” Shane, the vocalist/guitarist who answered the below interview, says to him, his is a punk band at heart. Check out the group’s second demo, Autumn Rot, and see for yourself. I think Biovore broke up, but see if you can get the demo anyway.

D.U.: Voivod and Deceased aside, from what genres of music do you draw inspiration?

Shane: Any type of noise band. I love Sonic Youth, old hardcore, power metal. I guess inspiration comes from anything we hear. If we listen and we don’t like it, we are inspirited to other things.

With what scene or scenes do you align yourselves?

No special scenes. We just like hanging out with our friends. We are die-hard death metal fans, so I guess that’s our scene.

Tell us with what do you lyrics deal.

Early lyrics were about world end due to racial war, which in my eye is coming.

Will you stick with that or do you plan to expand that in the future?

I don’t know if that’s what we will stick with.

Is there an issue or issues in the national/international news lately that you’re following or in which you’re interested?

Yeah, I often wonder how [much] decline the USA must face before we help ourselves first.

Do you think that it’s important to keep one’s self informed on the current news?

As far as being informed, it’s the same shit every day. Politics sucks!

Your band doesn’t sound like any other bands in the local scene that I’ve heard. Do you think that’s true of most of the local bands in the metal scene?

There are a handful of great bands and people in the Washington (Metro) scene. But there are some fucking [lame] ass fuckheads who want to be rock stars and that sucks! In my eye the scene runs on support. And rock stars are too good to support other bands—fuck them. I support the true!

Is it important for your band to stick out?

We just write music to enjoy for ourselves. If anybody else likes [it], that’s great. The music is what’s important.

What’s coming up in the near future for Biovore?

The near future is far!

Closing comments?

Thanks for the interview! You’re a pal. And good luck with your band.

Well, there you have it! I urge you to write Shane Fuegel. Send $2 or a blank tape and postage for a copy of the demo.


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