Haram Interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #31, 2005

Haram is a new band consisting of guys that should be familiar to fans of ex-members of some heavy hitters in the underground hardcore/punk/indie music scene. They have a new website, new shows booked such as a two-week tour in August, and new music, such as a demo, and a full length to be created as well.

In terms of what to expect, however, let’s allow Matt from Haram put it in his words. “I would say not to expect anything. Come with no ideas and give us another chance. I’m sure people will hear our old bands in this band but it feels totally new to me.”

The bandmembers of Haram

Like one of the ex-bands, Haram is going to be active and put its name out there socially and politically, getting behind issues and writing about them between the lines lyrically.

“We [and] I will always be like that. I can’t hide that stuff. It’s just a part of saying and living what you believe is honest.” Since Haram is new, Matt and his former and current longtime bandmate Kevin, on bass, are writing with two new people, one of whom, Andy on drums, is newer than the other, guitarist Mike, who has worked with Matt and Kevin in their last band.

“It’s fun. And weird. Pat [from the old band] was the only drummer I had played with for eight years. So it’s just fun to get used to someone else’s style.”

Finally, a straight question and answer. What’s the “mission statement” for Haram? Raping, pillaging, beer drinking, plundering?

“I think it’s just to make some damn serious songs, and not look back. Maybe drink and plunder a little.”

For more info go to www.harammusic.com ■

Photo: Haram (from the band’s website)


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