Carrion Lord interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #2, 1991

Carrion Lord is a death metal band I checked out recently. I never saw it live, but I jammed with some of the members once, which was fun, and bought the demo, All Paths Lead to Chaos. Anyway, the following interview is with the drummer, David Stanton.

D.U.: Do people, when hearing your music initially, compare you to a certain band or bands usually?

David: Well, some people compare us to a lot of bands. The only band that I’ve heard more than once is Kreator. They say if Kreator kept death we would sound just like them.

Do you agree with this comparison?

When I think about it, the only part about us sounding like Kreator is the vocals.

How long has the band been around in its current lineup, and how many shows have you played?

We’ve been playing the current lineup since June of ‘90. We’ve only played a few.

What notables have you opened for, if any? What are some local bands that you’d like to play with?

Well, we’ve played with bands like Brutal Truth, Chemikill, Corpsegrinder, Eldritch Horror, Deceased, and Incantation. As for local bands, I’d like to play with Candiru, Incarnis, Goreaphobia, Corpus Rottus, Intestine Lunch, O.L.D., Deceased again (What’s up, guys?), and Carcass.

Do you have any early plans for a new demo?

Well, we should be recording our third demo around November/December.

How will the new material differ from the last demo’s music?

Well, our new material is heavier and a little more technical. The formats of the songs are not as basic as our All Paths demo.

What kind of research did the band conduct for the lyrical concept?

Well, Todd [Broadwater, vocals/guitar] does all the lyrics. He mainly gets ideas from a game book, Realm of Chaos, a Games Workshop book.

Do any of the lyrics stem from a personal philosophy of the bandmembers?

No, they don’t have anything to do with our personal lives.

What sort of plan do you use to write songs?

Usually we use no plan for writing songs. We try to make them basic structures, but not too basic.

How long on average does this take?

Usually it takes about two or three practices, and if we don’t like the outcome of it we switch it around.

In what sort of frame of mind do you have to be in to come up with good song ideas?

No frame of mind, really. Just in the mood to write and format.

Do you have a final comment that you’d like to make that hasn’t been covered about Carrion Lord?

Well, we might be doing a split 7” on With Your Teeth Records and maybe an album on the same label. We’re always looking for shows to play and bands to trade demos with. Thanks for the interview, Richard. You rule. ■


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