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Originally published in ‘zine issue #3, 1991

Grave, heavy death metal from Sweden, signed to Century Media and put out a really superb album after doing three demos. Guitarist/vocalist Ola came out to New York to do some phone interviews, and I snagged one.

D.U.: Is it true that there’s one song from each demo on the Into the Grave album?

Ola: Yeah, it’s true. We got from the first demo, “Into the Grave,” “Deformed” was on the second demo, and “Extremely Rotten Flesh” was from the third demo.

Will you have any more demo songs on the next album?

We think of maybe do something like three demo songs on next album too. Or maybe we’ll do one of the old Putrefaction songs. We think we go for “Severed Flesh” on next LP.

Did the Tremendous Pain single and the In the Eyes of Death compilation spread your name around?

Yeah, definitely. ‘Cause we got a lot of mail. It reached out to more people than the demos did.

Do you get compared to Death all the time still?

No, not so much nowadays. It’s like more in the Sexual Mutilation days. It’s a compliment definitely, I think so. But as long as they don’t call us rip-offs. Then it’s not a compliment anymore. We don’t copy. That’s not what we want to be.

Photo of Grave

Have you ever done a song that deals with Satanism or occultism?

“For Your God” on the LP is, like, about man killing himself for Satan and stuff. It’s not a typical Satanic deal. It’s gotta deal a little bit about that, but it’s more sick than that type of shit.

Can you tell me a little about where you live? I read you live on this little island.

Oh, we used to do. We moved from there to Stockholm, but we were born on that island and we live there until January ‘91.

Do people overseas say it’s getting trendy to go to Sunlight Studios to record?

Yeah. Especially a lot of people told me on the European tour we did, they do it like, “Oh, you went to Sunlight. You sound like Entombed.” But I don’t think we sound like Entombed. We go to Sunlight next time too.

Do you have something to say that we haven’t covered?

Uh, I dunno. Get out and buy the LP. [laugh] You like it. ■

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Photo: Grave (courtesy Century Media)


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