Gorguts interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #3, 1991

Gorguts from Canada is a new signee to RC Records and a fresh death metal band, whose album is Considered Dead. Luc Lemay, the singer and guitarist, has a lot to say, as evidenced by the following interview.

D.U.: Do you have any old demo or rehearsal songs on the album?

Luc: Yeah, we have only one song from the demo. It’s “Hematological Allergy,” the only one that we kept, ‘cause we weren’t really pleased with the other songs and we scrapped them, and we wrote only new stuff for the album, you know? Yeah, it was better, ‘cause when we signed, something like a month after that we kicked our guitar player out to get a better one, and it was better to write new stuff. ‘Cause, y’know, with a new guitar player, he brought some new ideas in the band and it was all for the better anyway, yeah.

So why did you change the logo from the demo days?

Yeah, ‘cause it was too hard to read it. [laughs] We had to do it. We’re pleased with the new logo. I think it’s better than the demo one, yeah. ‘Cause in ‘zines sometimes you get bands and it’s only, like, a load of shit, I don’t know, it’s like a ink splash, you know what I mean? It’s hard to read sometimes.

Photo of Gorguts

So how did you guys meet originally? Was it at work or school or what?

No, it’s weird, ‘cause I used to go to school with the guitar player who was playing with Stephane at that time, ‘cause Stephane used to be in another band before that. And maybe I talked to Stephane something like four or five times. I didn’t know him that well, though. And when his band split, and I was playing with other musician at that time, and he called me and asked me if I was interesting in starting a band with him, and I said yeah. So I started a band with Stephane. And that’s it. We had another bass and kicked him out, and then we got Éric, which played on the album. And I told you we changed guitar player.

About Canada breaking up, is that still headline news?

Uh, more or less, you know. It’s kind of quiet now, but I don’t know what they have in mind. But I don’t think it will change shit for us. I don’t really care about it. [laughs] But we’re over-taxed, you know what I mean? You’re paying for everything, [laughs] yeah. So that’s bad. Anyway, I wouldn’t say it will happen tomorrow, for Canada to break up. But, I mean, it’s just for the Quebec matter, you know, ‘cause we’re the only area that speaks French. Yeah, it’s just a language matter, ‘cause the other provinces don’t wanta learn French. It’s just for the, uh, how can I say that? For the signs and shit, you know? Like in Quebec, French is the main language, so all the signs got to be in French before they be written in English. They been fighting for all that stupid shit for years. So that’s the main problem.

Is there any final comment that you’d like to make?

Buy the album and wait to see us on tour. That should be it, man. ■

Photo: Gorguts (courtesy RC)


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