Suppression interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #12, 1994

Suppression is a totally over-the-top political grindcore noise band with catchy riffs from Virginia. They have a totally extreme 1993 demo and 1994 7”. The bassist, Jason, also does Chaotic Noise ‘zine (HC/grind/industrial noise), and the guitarist has Abberation ‘zine (death/black/atmospheric). Here Jason fills us in on his band and other projects.

D.U.: What’s the latest on Suppression?

Jason: Well, we’re writing songs. We just recorded eight tracks for a five-band comp on my tape label, Chaotic Noise Productions, with Extreme Hair Stench, Grunt, Shadowed Veil, Expendable Citizen, and ourselves. Also, we recorded for a 7” entitled Mechanized Flesh on Sludge Records (France), then hopefully a split LP with Cripple Bastards (Italy) on Fetus Records.

What’s up with your side projects?

I am in Expendable Citizen (industrial with experimental noise influences); also, me and Davey are in Rectal Pus (total noisecore chaos and ferocity).

“Someone who tries to force shit down my throat may receive a kick in the teeth.”

How is Chaotic Noise Productions going?

It’s going well. Just released: Sonic Disorder/Meat Shop split tape (total noise destruction), the Audio Terrorism comp (with 41 bands, 90 minutes), and the Active Minds Cassette Discography (total fierce hardcore from the U.K., fast and honest). Coming soon, a three-way tape and a prank call tape.

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Do you ever feel that the “politically correct” movement goes too far, in that if people censor themselves so as not to offend, you can’t know what they are really thinking?

Yes. What’s correct? It’s another form of fascism. But some of the ideas are good—just not the dogmatic way of thinking. I strongly believe in equality (racial, sexual, etc.). Someone who tries to force shit down my throat may receive a kick in the teeth.

Last comments and merchandise info?

Thanks, Richard, for your unending friendship/support. The Suppression 7”, plus the tapes mentioned above, are $3 U.S., $4 world from Jason. ■


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