Disposable music reviews

Originally published in ‘zine issue #1, 1991

by Sean Rogers

Bad Brains Rock For Light
Remixed and remastered, this album still packs a hell of a punch. It includes three extra tracks and is well worth picking up. The songs sound completely re-done but still have all the power of the originals. ■

Ice-T O.G. Original Gangster
(Sire/Warner Bros.)
This is destined to be another rap classic. Harder than ever, Ice-T even shows some diversity by including his hardcore band Body Count on the album. As for Ice-T selling out, not on this album and definitely not anytime soon. ■

N.W.A Niggaz4Life
This album lives up to all expectations. Without Ice Cube, the band is just as hard, violent, and degrading to women as ever, and I would recommend this to anybody who’s into N.W.A. All the tracks come off extreme and are very well done. There are also some of the most hilarious tunes I’ve ever heard here. Definitely worth picking up. ■


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