Entombed interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #7, 1993

Of course, many death metal people are familiar with the Swedish Entombed. This talented, technical death metal band has already toured the States twice and will release a mini-album, Hollowman, and the new album, Wolverine Blues, will come out after that. Here Lars Rosenberg, bassist for Entombed and his other band, Carbonized (which will have an album out soon that will no longer be death metal, more weird and psychedelic), answers questions that R. Mason wrote up.

D.U.: With Earache possibly having no distribution in the U.S. anymore, how do you think this will affect the death metal scene?

Lars: I think that is solved now, but if Earache in the future get out of distribution in U.S., it will have a sad effect on the death metal scene, ‘cos most of the “major” death metal bands are on Earache.

Do you think labels like Earache exploit the underground scene long enough to make a profit, without any real concern for the music?

Yes. I don’t think the label bosses really listens to the music of their bands. It feels like, “Aha, you’re a death metal band! Okay, let’s record in Morrisound and let Dan Seagrave paint the cover and we take care of the rest.” It’s only profit nowadays.

What do you think the next big underground trend will be, as death metal seems to be in its final days?

I think black metal will take over for a while, then die out the same fast as it got trendy. About the future for death metal, I have no idea. It might be mixed with for example industrial stuff.

Do you think it’s still valid for bands trying to be more “brutal” and extreme than one another?

Well, not after Brutal Truth.

Photo of Entombed

Do you find it hard to keep priorities straight, having two bands?

It’s two different kinds of bands. Carbonized is only a side project, and we will remain as a studio band. Entombed is my living, especially now when there is a big unemployment in Sweden.

Which do you prefer?

I don’t prefer any of the bands specially. I like both bands.

Your lyrics seem to have a Satanic focus. It seems like a lot of bands do this, but maybe 1 percent actually have a clue as to what the fuck they are talking about. Is Entombed a Satanic band?

No, we aren’t Satan worshippers. Most of those Satanic lyrics are written of Kenny Hakanson. He is very into occultism and also one of the leaders in a big Scandinavian occult. I agree with that 1 percent of the Satans bands know what the fuck they are talking about.

What are your thoughts on abortion? homophobia? sexism?

I support abortions, I don’t like [gays], and like to have sex with girls.

What do you think about marijuana legalization?

I really don’t care ‘coz I’m not a big pot smoker. Instead I drink too much.

Last words?

Thanx for the interview. See ya! ■

Photo: Entombed (courtesy Earache)


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