God Forsaken interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #6, 1993

Finland has a band on the scene in the form of God Forsaken. The two-year-old group has put out a death metal demo under the name Putrid and later released a 7”, God Forsaken, that is more doom and gloom. After the name change and a complete crossover to Black Sabbath-esque gloom metal, the band has recorded an album called Dismal Gleams of Desolation on Adipocere Records. Below Hannu Kujanen talks about the album and other things.

D.U.: Tell us how you like the way the album turned out and what you wish you could change about it.

Hannu: Well, we will see when the first test pressing comes, but the sound on master tape was okay, even better than we first thought. Anyway, there isn’t nothing I would like to change. It is our first album, and of course we can be better on next one, I think.

How are the Putrid fans reacting to God Forsaken?

Generally, they like us still, even if we a new style, although someone said that we were better with the death metal style. Personally, I think that we have got more people into us now and that is good. We are kind of accepted and people like what we do.

Why did you get another guitarist?

The reason was that I didn’t come up any good leads at all, and I told to others that this band is missing something new. Also, we need more fuller sound and not just one guitar can’t do it. So far, everything is working out fine. The new guitarist is very good indeed.

Is the army still affecting the band?

Yes. It will be again, because the new guitarist will join the army next year. The drummer and vocalist served their duties between Autumn ‘91 and Spring ‘92. But now we know what to do when someone of us is in the army, and I think we will survive through that time when the guitarist will be off.

Photo of God Forsaken

Do you in general agree with the current administration in the Finnish government? Are you satisfied on the whole with the job it’s doing?

Well, I think they are trying to “repair” the mistakes that the last prime minister/government did, and now they are cutting/saving everything, and no one won’t be saved. The taxes are very high now. For an example, my paycheck is a lot smaller now than one year ago. Generally, I agree with the government, and I know that something must be done to get Finland rich again. Point of departures is still better, are the same if you are thinking to move in this country.

Will you have a tour for the album?

No tours are planned. Maybe later with bigger release.

What’s next for the band besides a new rehearsal tape and writing new songs?

We are planning to record a promo tape only for labels that might be interested to release GF stuff. I am not sure about this yet. We take it just one day at the time.

What do you get compared to a lot nowadays that you would agree with, music-wise?

Hmm. Someone said that we sound like old Black Sabbath (the gods!) in some parts, and I agree with that, you know, because the mighty Iommi is the only one who can create a heavy metal riff as it should be! And, of course, we try to make the music from our own ideas. So far, we haven’t done anything that is suggested out of this band. Even the label didn’t give any word that we should change something in our music. And that’s how we want to be, as just being affected by our own ideas.

Last comments?

Yes, thanks to you, Richard, for this interview. And greetings to all my pen pals out there! The album is available now from the label or from me. There is no other stuff to sell, I’m afraid. The new rehearsal tape should be out in December as well. Okay, thanks to all who have supported us in the past, and we always welcome new people to contact us!

For correspondence include 2 IRCs. The album is available from Hannu for $20 on CD and $14 for LP, cash. The Putrid God Forsaken 7” is $5 cash to After World Records.

Photo: God Forsaken (courtesy Hannu Kujanen)


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