Dead Body Love interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #23, 2000

Since 1995, Gabriele Giuliani, a.k.a. Dead Body Love and the Less Than Zero label, has been challenging people with his electronic noise and his ambient material under the name Drift. R. Mason conducted the below interview with Gabriele.

D.U.: What artists originally inspired you to create your own material?

Gabriele: I’d say Controlled Bleeding and Merzbow. Merzbow is still the best noise manipulator, in my opinion. The Japanese are #1 in noise, and my favorite projects are Masonna, Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, CCCC, MSBR, Solomania, and K2. I also like Japanese guys. They’re always so kind and they have much respect for others.

Living in a country renowned for its ‘70s era gore/zombie/cannibal movies, I must ask you if you have any interest in this genre of filmmaking.

I love all those movies. The first time I saw Cannibal Holocaust I got really shocked. That was real harsh. The funny thing about it is that the “cannibal” genre is 100 percent Italian. We were good! In the late ‘70s we did some of the most sadistic movies ever made. Also some police movies were so violent they have to be seen to believe.

What other films types do you enjoy?

I love Dario Argento—one of my favorite directors. I met him in ‘92. Cool man. And I am a big fan of Bruce Willis, and I also like some funny people. Even though I have a deep interest for the macabre, I like to laugh and make people laugh.

What kind of political atmosphere does Italy have?

Politicians here are mostly fake assholes. Italy is actually under a liberal party, and things are okay. It could be better; it could be worse. Anyway, I hate politicians.

Is the church a large influence culturally?

Here’s a quote from a Brutal Truth song named “Birth of Ignorance”: “Religion teaching lies / Hypnosis of the weak / Believe what they want / Slaughter of the meek.” This is what I think about religion.

You’ve expressed dissatisfaction in the past with many newer noise labels who use cassettes primarily. Are you speaking of Italian labels?

To make a long story short, people listen to noise and they think, “Hey, it’s easy. Let’s just record some feedback.” People hear about tape labels and say, “Hey, it’s easy. Let’s just make a shitty cover.” I wasn’t talking about Italian labels. Slaughter Productions and Old Europa Café are both excellent—I was inspired by them when I started Less Than Zero. I have to say that all these guys who are annoying me are from USA. I got tapes that are really ridiculous: very poor, low-fi, meaningless sound, in bad, stupid packages. Take a look at G.R.O.S.S. or Slaughter cassettes and listen to some Merzbow or Incapacitants. If your work doesn’t compare to them, quit! Some good tape … well, not only tape labels, are Labyrinth, Self Abuse, and MSNP. And let me say that each time I say “Most tape labels and noisicians suck,” I get some letters of people asking, “Are you talking about me?” That doesn’t need any explanation, I think. ■


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