Desperate Corruption interview

Originally published in ‘zine issue #22, 1999

Below we have a brief interview with Desperate Corruption, a death/grind band from Saitama, Japan. They have, like, five demos out, and they also to my knowledge have two split 7”es. Unfortunately, I lost touch with them and don’t know what they’ve been up to as of late besides working on getting a full-length out. I don’t even have any current contact information. Anyway, here Mitsuhiko Maeda answers a few questions, starting with me asking him to describe his band for us.

Mitsuhiko: Okay! Well, I think Desperate Corruption’s sound is very fast. It’s like concrete grind machine or meat chop machine. But, of course, have many heavy part in song. No melody, harmonies. And not technical style.

D.U.: What are your lyrics about?

Now I appeal about people’s malignance and Japanese problem of despair.

What guitar players have influenced you?

Guitar player? Oh! Great question! I like many, many guitarist and many style. But now I play only death metal style. [laughs] Okay! I like Voivod’s guitarist, Vio-Lence’s guitarist, Shellshock guitarist, Tomoyasu Hotei, Japanese popular singer—I like him in old time. And more, more.

What kinds of bands do you like to play shows with?

Loud! And extreme speed band. [laughs]

Photo of Mitsuhiko Maeda of the band Desperate Corruption

What is the death metal and such scene like in Japan?

Well, I think Japanese death metal scene is very small. Yes, it’s only underground. Only few band play death metal. But every band play cool song and great sound.

Will Japan be prepared for the next earthquake?

Next earthquake? It’s really serious problem. I prepared some plan for that. But that earthquake’s power is very, very big. Nobody can’t stop it. ■

Photo: Desperate Corruption (courtesy Mitsuhiko Maeda)


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