Doomstone interview

Artwork representing Doomstone

Originally published in ‘zine issue #5, 1992

Doomstone is of the old metal style. It’s a melodic, catchy, and very heavy black metal band as well. The first demo, Possessed Cemeteries, is selling like hotcakes. Here is an interview with the bassist, Keeper of the Brazilian Death Metal Albums (a.k.a. Les), and the guitarist, Third Cousin of the Antichrist (a.k.a. John). John signed on after Urinator of the Holy Graveyards (a.k.a. Dennis), the original rhythm guitarist, left the band following the demo. Cross Turner Upside Downer (a.k.a. King) plays drums, and Proud Hater of the Holy World (a.k.a. Mark) did the leads on the demo.

Doomstone will record an album for Nosferatu Records from Italy called Satanic Wastelands. Contact the band through King.

So how did you get the record deal?

Les: It’s a pen pal of King’s that he’s been friends with for a couple years, trading records, tapes, videos prob’ly, all that stuff. And the guy said that he was gonna start a record label and that he was interested in Doomstone, ‘cause he liked the demo.

And that’s gonna be the first release on the label?

Les: I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

How does John feel about having to split guitar duties with Dennis on the album?

John: I don’t care about that at all. I figure he’s been there longer and everything. I think he deserves, y’know, to do his share.

You’re not copying Mark’s leads at all?

John: I just figured I’d do my own stuff.

Are you guys still gonna dress up in the outfits and the blood live? ‘Cause last show, you didn’t do it.

Les: I know. We were not prepared.

John: Yeah, I’d like to. It depends on our mood.

Les: We like to do the full event or not really do it at all.

Last comments?

Les: [pause] Well, thanks for the interview, Rich, and thanks to anybody that reads this interview, and look for the album.

Say something Satanic, man.

Les: I’m not Satanic, but I play in a Satanic band.

John: I’m not Satanic either, but buy the album and worship Satan to it, I guess. ■


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