Discordance Axis update

Originally published in ‘zine issue #20, 1997

Now I’m going to do a little ditty about Discordance Axis, from Jersey, who has a new album out on Devour Records. The band original lineup reformed late in ‘97 when the first guitar player, Rob, announced to the singer and drummer, Jon and Dave respectively, that he wanted to write faster material than what appeared on the band’s first album on Devour.

Discordance Axis is a three piece, because as the band says jokingly, “In grindcore, bass is for posers.”

Photo of Discordance Axis performing

The pics featured here are from Fiesta Grande #5, and it shows the band lineup with Steve from Human Remains on guitar. The band rarely plays shows, however. Steve played on one of the band’s 7” releases.

Photo of Discordance Axis performing

The band is working on its third LP called The Inalienable Dreamless, and I can’t wait for that shit to come out. ■


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