Disposable Underground Newsletter, better late than never: September 15, 2019

Welcome back to the newsletter, highlighting what’s new at the blog since the last update. It’s been a while since I sent one of these out, so I hope you enjoy and remember signing up for it in the first place. 

Vinyl is set to outsell CDs according to NME’s reading of the latest RIAA report on the music industry. We linked to our past blogging on RIAA reports past in case you like looking at graphs. 

I went to the National Book Festival and learned that at the Library Of Congress there’s lots of good stuff to listen to, such as audio interviews conducted for the book Off The Record: An Oral History Of Popular Music

Book roundup: I’ve got quick book write-ups at the blog, including Heavy Tales by Jonny Z from Megaforce Records (pictured), and a companion book to a record by the band Hyborian, among others. 

Punk archives are something I’ve blogged about before, and the Washington Post had a story about one at the University of Maryland. It looks like there’s some cool stuff over there, not the least of which being old-school gig posters.

Desolation Center is an ’80s indie punk festival documentary that The New York Times wrote about, and the trailer is interesting and fun. I hope to catch a screening of the film—it features lots of cool bands. 

Death metal reviews are content that should be familiar to casual visitors at the blog. Since the last newsletter I’ve got reviews of releases by PerpetuatedWormed, and Under Attack (OK, that last one is hardcore, not metal). 

Featured Video: The classic band Transilience reunited and played a gig recently and they shredded. I’ve got the video evidence! (More band video at my YouTube channel.)

More info on what’s new at the blog next time. Thanks for reading!


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