Disposable Newsletter: June 24, 2019

Welcome back to the latest newsletter, highlighting what’s new at the blog since last time. You know, when I first started this newsletter I was pumping it out once a week, but lately it’s turning into once a month. This should be easier on people’s inboxes.

Musket Hawk has appeared in the blog more than once. I know the guys and they’re a good bunch, but their new record Upside Of Sick is the subject that I wrote about at the blog. “This may be the best record from Musket Hawk” is one line from the post.

Maryland Deathfest is another subject that sometimes comes up at the blog. This time, I’ve uploaded some pictures of interesting people that I took with my trusty Nikon 35 mm film camera. There’s always such people at the fest.

iTunes is undergoing some major changes pretty soon. I’ve linked to a helpful article about it, with a couple main takeaways in my blog post.

The Library of Congress has released a boatload of digital images, which is kind of that institution. I always hope that this is useful news for a band that’s looking for art for its record sleeve and doesn’t have any money to pay for one.

Tragedy & Hope (subtitle: A History Of The World In Our Time) is a book that Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke (screencapped above) talked about in an interview years ago and he made it sound like a must-read in his brief comments about it. Watch the video and follow the book links at the blog if you’d like.

Featured Video at the Blog: 
Bobby Thompson and backing band playing at a farmer’s market. They caught my eye as I waked by ’cause the drummer plays in Virginia Creep. (More band video at my YouTube channel.)

More info on what’s new at the blog next time. Thanks for reading!


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