Disposable Underground newsletter for May – read and enjoy: May 24, 2019

Hi there and thanks for checking this out. There’s a few new posts at the blog to highlight this month. 

Inter Arma has a new record called Sulphur Englishreviewed at the blog, and (spoiler) it’s an awesome one. It’s not the first time I’ve covered this band: it’s been the featured video at the blog (noted in the last newsletter), and I interviewed the singer once. 

Audio interviews, as opposed to the usual text-based ones, are up at the blog too. I tried my hand at doing them this way a few times. I really should do more of these, but it’s always easier and faster to just email a band a bunch of questions.

Another new review up at the blog is of Tower by the band Irata. It’s a melodic heavy rock band, is one way to describe it, from North Carolina. I don’t know how much bearing the location has on the band’s sound, but (spoiler again) it’s a cool record.

Asian Dub Foundation is an exciting group that I heard when its record Rafi’s Revenge was reissued. ADF is political too: the band is promoting climate action with a new video featuring Greta Thunberg. More environment/music combos at the blog.

Roger Waters has popped up as a subject at the blog where the Israel/Palestine conflict intersects with music. He was on Democracy Now! recently talking about the Israeli lobby and the music industry. Filed under: politics/music combos.

Maryland Deathfest is underway over Memorial Day weekend, so I’ll have some photos about it next time. Stay tuned! In the meantime, for the curious, here’s some photos, videos, and interviews from Deathfests past.

Featured Video at the Blog: 
Mudhoney playing in Asheville a few years back. These guys are one of the old-school Seattle bands. They’re on tour now. (More live band video at the blog YouTube channel.)

More info on what’s new is coming next time. Thanks for reading!


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