Disposable Newsletter: April 26, 2019

Hi there and thanks for having a look. There’s a few new posts at the blog to highlight this month. 

Merzbow is an electronic noise act. (I specify “electronic” because you can make noise using a jazz band if you like.) One of Merzbow’s classic albums got reissued recently and this is a pretty cool thing. Details are at the blog.

There’s a documentary about grindcore called Slave To The Grind that’s an entertaining view. If you were ever wondering about what the genre sounds like and what some of the key players have to say, this DVD is a good place to start. 

Noisem is a fun grindcore band, speaking of grind, and I’ve got a quick interview with the guys as regards their new album, Cease To Exist, a contemporary example of this kind of music. A piece of video of the band playing (expertly captured via iPhone) is included.

The video channel Epix has a four-part documentary called PUNK, which’ll make you keep coming back to watch the whole thing. At left is Johnny Rotten, featured in the series. I signed up for the channel and watched it and then cancelled afterwards, admittedly.

Part of what makes Twitter what it is is following interesting and fun accounts. Hainbach’s is one of those, if you like electronic music, recording tips, live video, and how-to demonstrations. Y’know, I don’t know how many people into electronic music visit my blog.

Featured Video Of The Week
Inter Arma has a new record called Sulphur English out now (to be reviewed at the blog), so here’s a clip of the guys I posted a while back. (More live band video at the blog YouTube channel.)

More info on what’s new is coming next time. Thanks for reading!


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