Disposable Underground newsletter for the week: March 18, 2019

Hi there. Here’s what’s new at the blog: First, we’ve got a bit of info on a RIAA report that came out last month with some interesting figures about vinyl sales and digital sales (like the chart above). If you’re interested in what’s going on in the music industry lately, have a look

I’ve written about and taken pictures and video of Misery Index before, and I’ve done so again. This time it’s a review of the rocking and rolling new album, Rituals Of Power, which is out now and is a solid death metal (political) record. I’ve got a few of the band’s music videos for the album included for your viewing pleasure.

Today, Russia’s Putin has put in place a new law that critics say will lead to more limits on speech than there already are in that country. Human Rights Watch has been detailing how Putin’s government is already curtailing musical speech. Details are at the blog.

Lastly, I saw a great jazz band called Bitter Dose Combo play at a library this month. A clip of the band’s set is the featured video this week. (More live clips of various bands are at the blog YouTube channel.)

More info on what’s new is coming next time. Thanks for reading!


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