Here’s the Disposable Underground newsletter for this week: February 17, 2019

What’s new at the blog, first off, is I’ve got a song premiere from the band Alphanumeric. These guys are notable because the singer is originally from the classic grindcore band Assück (you might remember that band from a previous newsletter noting that I recently posted an old Assück interview) so I’m pretty happy about the opportunity. Above is the cover of the record from which the premiere song is taken.

Speaking of old interviews, I’ve cleaned up and posted not one but two interviews with Carcass, one from 1992 (Necroticism era) and one from 1994 (Heartwork era). I hope Carcass fans will find these interviews interesting, as the guys dug into their motivations for the music they made and their awareness of how their fans reacted to it at those album-centric times in the band’s history.

A few more live photos are up at the blog’s companion Tumblr page, this time of the grind band Treasonist (I’ve interviewed the singer more than once, and he’s got a column at the blog where he recommends underground music), and the crusty, old-school UK band Extinction of Mankind (above) that has a few high-profile members in it. For example, the guitar player also plays in Doom.

Finally, a live video of Torche I took at Maryland Deathfest a few years ago is the featured video this week. Torche is a great, well, maybe you could call it a catchy, heavy rock band. 

More info on what’s new is coming next time. Thanks for reading!


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