Song premiere from Alphanumeric: new band from old Assück singer

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There’s a new supergroup on the block: Alphanumeric. Grindcore fans, take note: the band members are Paul Pavlovich (from Assück fame) on vocals, Criss Messina (from Swamp Gas) on guitar, Lee Fisher (from Commit Suicide and other bands) on drums, and Josh Gibbs (Swamp Gas, Solstice, and other bands) on bass. Alphamumeric plays old-school grindcore.

The band has completed a six-song 7” called Condemnation Of Memory. We’re happy to premiere a track from the EP, “Hands Of The Diplomat.”

Pavlovich’s vocals on the track are unmistakable. The bandmembers recorded it themselves, with Gibbs mixing and Messina assisting. James Plotkin mastered the recording.

Alphanumeric 7" cover

Pavlovich will put out the EP on his new label, Roman Numeral. He’s taking this endeavor seriously. “The idea is that Roman Numeral is equal parts record label and design project,” he told D.U. over email. “Roman Numeral will be the means to release music and present it in a way that no detail is overlooked.”

It’ll be limited to 500, with digital download included and available on most streaming services. The EP will be out sometime in early 2019; watch the Alphanumeric and Roman Numeral Facebook pages for updates. It looks and sounds like it’ll be worth waiting for!

D.U. interviewed Assück back in the 1990s.
And D.U. has premiered music before: the Congenital Death record.


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