Disposable Underground newsletter! You’re welcome: February 4, 2019

Welcome back again to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s new at the blog.

Regular readers of the newsletter have noticed that I’ve been taking old interviews from the archive zine issues (that the blog used to exist as) and cleaning up the content and posting them. Now I have two more up: one with Painkiller and one with Scorn. The interviewee is the same for both: the Human Tornado, Mick Harris. 

I found a bit of advice for bands that try to spread the good word about their music on Instagram, and shared the link on the blog. Who knows, I might even try to follow some of it myself! 

I was able catch a couple bands at the “Black Flags Over Brooklyn” anti-fascist fest that went down at Brooklyn Bazaar. One of the bands that played late in the day was Morne. That band’s set was pretty heavy. There’s some live pics at the blog.

Finally, a band I really like is Antigama. My band toured with the guys a few years ago and I’ve interviewed the guitar player a couple of times. Here’s a clip of Antigama playing at California Deathfest. It’s the featured video of the week.

More info on what’s new is coming next time. Thanks for reading!


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