Disposable Underground blog newsletter: January 13, 2019

Welcome back to the Disposable Underground newsletter. Here’s what’s new at the blog.

As I was saying last time, I’ve been taking old interviews from the archive zine issues (that the blog used to exist as) and cleaning up the content and posting them: I’d added pieces on Unleashed, Bolt Thrower, Armored Saint, and Extreme Noise Terror. Now a new (old) one is up: an interview with Assück, a long-gone grindcore band from Florida. 

They’ve been having shows at a brewery in Washington DC, Atlas Brew Works, for a while, and in December, Triac played one of them. A few photos are up on the blog’s Tumblr page.

I was lucky enough to attend a celebration of the New Horizons probe passing by an object in the Kuiper Belt in our solar system. Dr. Brian May was there to premiere his new song in tribute to the mission. Here’s the details. 

There’s a web app out there, SolarBeat, that lets you play the solar system, sort of in the style of a turntable, but you can fiddle with the speed of the planets swinging around and the sounds they make. Pretty cool. 

Years ago I was in the right place at the right time and saw a Taiko drummer troupe playing in Washington DC outside of a Japanese restaurant. It’s worth a view. 

I’ll have more info on what’s new next time. Thanks a lot!


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