SolarBeat lets you play the solar system

A few years ago, Elizabeth Stinson wrote for Wired about SolarBeat, an interactive data website that “uses the real orbital frequencies of the major bodies of our solar system, and uses them to generate an endless melody as each planet plays a note with each orbit,” the website says. Users can make adjustments to the sounds in a few different ways, and it’s pretty cool. It even has the visualization sort of resemble a turntable.

The man behind the visualization runs whitevinyldesign, where SolarBeat lives, and there’s other examples of music and science mingling at the site.

We’ve got a fistful of other examples of this sort of thing in a post called “Music makers create using scientific data.” A great example we’ll highlight from the post is by System Sounds: you can play Trappist-1.

Note: we added some more detail to this post in April 2021.


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