Merzbow “Venereology” reissue out now

Merzbow (the act by noise artist Masami Akita) first released Venereology 25 years ago. It made quite a splash and was marketed by Relapse Records to metalheads and not just noise weirdos. Now the label has gotten the album remastered by James Plotkin and given the artwork an update, and released it on vinyl for the first time along with an extra LP of bonus tracks.

The Wikipedia entry on Merzbow’s Venereology has a link (via the Wayback Machine) to a “Corridor of Cells” webzine, at which Akita said in an interview that “it’s important to know that I made Venereology while drinking lots of beer.” Even so, there’s lots of intricacy in the noise, and for that aspect it needs to be listened to on headphones to be fully appreciated. For the stereo, crank it up to be bludgeoned into a pulp.

Here’s one of the remastered tracks from the record, “Slave New Desart”:

It’s out now digitally and on LP from Relapse.



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